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November 2020 Newsletter

Reflections From Our Founder:
What Does the Presidential Election Mean for Our Green Amendment Movement?

After all the votes are counted, regardless of who is elected President, the 2020 election has left tremendous power in the hands of a Congress (House & Senate) that overwhelmingly refuses to prioritize environmental protection, and that in significant part, does not believe in the climate crisis and rejects science. This political reality is compounded by a Supreme court that has been packed with anti-environment and anti-civil rights activist justices, making this the most anti-environment Supreme Court we have experienced. And so our environment, communities and future generations are at greater risk than ever before and will not be protected by the federal arm of our democracy.

While the outcome of the presidency, regardless of who ultimately wins, will not solve the unfortunate pattern of neglect, degradation and pollution that has plagued our environment and communities throughout our nation’s history, it has the power to make it demonstrably better or demonstrably worse. But either way, our ongoing federal election is demonstrating that it is more important than ever that our state governments step up to protect our water, air, climate, environments & environmental justice. But what can the states do? Something transformational …. If they choose.

We know as Americans that our most powerful legal tool for achieving transformational change and protection, and inspiring the hearts and minds of Americans who want to see justice for all, is our state and federal constitutions. It is time to use this most powerful tool to protect the fundamentals of life — clean water and air, a stable climate and healthy environments. It is time that our states take the lead in securing environmental and justice protection by passing a constitutional Green Amendment in every state across our nation.

Right now only two states have Green Amendments, but because of members like you, there are efforts in over a dozen other states including amendment proposals advancing through the legislature, grassroots organizing taking hold on the ground, education efforts spreading through communities and legislative offices laying the groundwork for active movements within the next year. At this point, there is meaningful action, activity, education and conversation advancing in New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, West Virginia, Vermont, Oregon, Maryland, Maine, Colorado, Connecticut, Arizona, Hawaii, Kentucky and beyond.

The Green Amendment Movement is not dependent on presidential politics, but it will bring forth the kind of transformational change we need in our nation when it comes to environmental and environmental justice protection. For activists and legislators who want to leave a legacy of protection for present and future generations — being a Green Amendment leader gives you that opportunity.

Are you tired of fighting against threats to their water, air, health, safety, and communities? Fighting for a Green Amendment not only allows our communities, activists and government leaders to lead the way in fighting for positive change – but it is gives lasting protection that will bring to bear the most powerful legal and justice tool we have in our nation for protecting our water, air, climate, environment, communities and generations.

– Maya van Rossum, Founder of Green Amendments For The Generations

Spotlight Story

Green Amendments have the power to cross the partisan divide and bring together elected leaders in the common cause of protecting the basic rights of all people to clean water and air, and healthy environments.  NJ is a leading example that Green Amendments that protect the rights of all people to clean air, pure water, a stable climate and and environmental justice is a truly bipartisan issue that can span the political divide: Democratic Senator Linda Greenstein and Republican Senator Kip Bateman serve as prime and co-prime in the senate; of the 41 Assembly bill sponsors 10% are Republican with the remaining being Democrats. Watch Maya’s Facebook Live interview with Senator Bateman.

News from Across the Green Amendment Movement

Maya and the Green Amendment team are back home from a month long trip in New Mexico where they first quarantined and then filmed Part 3 of the PBS show, Here’s The Story: The Green Amendment. Maya met and interviewed over 20 people, learning about the pressing environmental issues they face and evaluating how a NM Green Amendment could help. Read Maya’s full reflections here.

GAFTG teamed up with Andy Burt from Maine Climate Action Network (MCAN) to host a webinar on the Green Amendment for the people of Maine. With over 100 attendees, the event sparked interest and motivation for the people of Maine to rise up and secure their rights to pure water, clean air, a stable climate and healthy environments. Recording available here.

The NY Green Amendment Movement is gaining support from counties and municipalities that have passed resolutions in support of passing the amendment. To date, Tompkins County, Warren County, Interlaken, Newburgh and Ulysess have all passed resolutions with other counties and municipalities still in the voting process.

GAFTG is excited to announce a budding partnership with Art4erth.com, a digital platform that combines art with environmental advocacy. On December 6th, we are jointly hosting a virtual End Of Year Fundraising Bash filled with artists, musicians and speakers, advancing the Green Amendment Movement. Register now!

Upcoming Events

Loankata New Jersey Sierra Club
November 11, 7:30 pm ET

Getting up to Speed to Lead: Green Amendment Leadership Training
November 12 & 19, 6:00pm ET / 4:00pm MT

350 Santa Fe Monthly Meeting
November 14, 10:00am MT

University of New Hampshire Law’s Environmental Law Society
November 17, 6:00pm ET

Instagram Live with CEO of FinalStraw
November 30, 7:00pm ET