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October 2021 Newsletter

“With a Green Amendment, no longer can there be environmental racism or sacrifice zones. They will be constitutionally prohibited.”
– Maya K. van Rossum, Founder of Green Amendments For The Generations.

Donor Spotlight

Robert Meek

Robert “Bob” Meek, has been a supporter of Green Amendments For The Generations since its founding in 2017 and now serves as Vice Chair of the GAFTG board. GAFTG’s mission resonates with Bob because he recognizes that constitutional change is crucial to ensuring that climate change is given the proper attention and consideration in the decision making process. The pursuit of Green Amendments in all states across the country are imperative as pollution and climate change have no borders! Funding for young non-profits is a hard task, one way to help nonprofit organizations is by understanding the need for funds and contributing to the success and growth of the organization’s foundation.  Bob has invested his retirement income in a way that benefits him and also allows him to support GAFTG with tax deductible donations each year – it is a true win win.

Check out this video of Bob Meek answering all of our GAFTG questions and explaining how he does it!

New York’s Green Amendment Is Ready For a Vote Of The People.


On November 2nd, New York will be voting on the NY Green Amendment proposal. With this upcoming vote, New York is poised to become the first state to pass a modern day Green Amendment. Only Montana and Pennsylvania currently have Green Amendments that protect environmental rights as an inalienable right in the Bill of Rights section of the state Constitution.

The NY Green Amendment, which will protect the rights of every person to clean water and air, and a healthful environment, was first proposed in 2017.  While it secured passage in the Assembly it did not succeed in the Senate.  But our New York legislative champions were undeterred and immediately re-proposed the amendment and continued the work of building needed support. To secure a constitutional amendment in New York through the legislative process, an amendment must pass by majority vote through each of the state’s legislative houses in two consecutive legislatures.

Our lead champion for the NY Green Amendment has always been Assemblyman Steve Englebright (Assembly District 4).  Assemblyman Englebright has a long and strong track record working to defend the environment and environmental rights. Assemblyman Englebright was joined by NY Senator David Carlucci in 2019 and Senator Robert Jackson in 2021 who proposed parallel language in the Senate.

Our key partners in New York who joined with Green Amendments For The Generations to lead the way to success are Environmental Advocates of New York, the Adirondack Mountain Club, and a cadre of well respected attorneys including very notably Nicholas A. Robinson, Professor of Law at the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University and Gilbert and Sarah Kerlin, Distinguished Professor of Environmental Law Emeritus; Katrina Fischer Kuh, is the Haub Distinguished Professor of Law at the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University; and Carl Howard who is an Assistant Regional Counsel at EPA.  These partners have been key in organizing, educating, advocating, and supporting the NY Green Amendment proposal and its ultimate passage — and they remain key partners in the effort to secure needed public support come November 2nd when the amendment will be placed on the NY ballot for a vote.

From the very beginning the proposal enjoyed bi-partisan support, but it took some time to secure the full legislative support necessary.  It took two tries to make it all the way through the  legislative process.  The legislator vote count in 2019 was overwhelmingly in support of passage with Senators voting for passage 45 to 17 and the Assembly members voting 110-34.  By February 9, 2021 both the New York State Senate and Assembly had once again voted to add environmental rights with the Senate voting 48 to 14 for second passage and the Assembly voting 124 to 25 in support.

In the Assembly, NY Assemblyman Englebright was joined by Assemblymembers Judy Griffin, William Colton, Richard Gottfried, Angelo Santabarbara, Jeffrey Dinowitz, Deborah Glick, Patricia Fahy, Thomas Abinanti, Steven Otis, Kimberly Jean-Pierre, Charles Lavine, Jo Anne Simon, Sandy Galef, Vivian Cook, Pamela J. Hunter, Phil Steck, Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn, Philip Ramos, David Weprin, Alicia Hyndman, Rebecca Seawright, Donna Lupardo, Linda Rosenthal, Latrice Walker, Robert C. Carroll, Carmen De La Rosa, Fred Thiele, Aileen Gunther, Maritza Davila, Jeffrion Aubry, Catalina Cruz, Harry B. Bronson, Didi Barrett, Anna Kelles, Chris Burdick, Stefani Zinerman, Catherine Nolan, Jen Lunsford, Harvey Epstein, Jaime R. Williams, Inez E. Dickens, Nily Rozic, Nader Sayegh, William Magnarelli, Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas, Chantel Jackson, Jenifer Rajkumar, Michael Benedetto, Phara Souffrant Forrest, N. Nick Perry, Kenneth Zebrowski, Jonathan Jacobson, Jose Rivera, Khaleel Anderson

NY Senator Carlucci and Senators Robert Jackson were joined by Senators’ Joseph Addabbo Jr., Jamaal T. Bailey, Alessandra Biaggi, Neil D. Breslin, John E. Brooks, Andrew Gounardes, Peter Harckham, Brad Hoylman, Todd Kaminsky, Anna M. Kaplan, Liz Krueger, Shelley B. Mayer, Jen Metzger, Zellnor Myrie, James Sanders Jr., Diane J. Savino, Luis R. Sepúlveda, José M. Serrano, James Skoufis.

After securing the necessary support from both houses in 2019 and then again in 2021 the NY Green Amendment is now ready for a vote by the people.  Polling suggests broad and strong public support across all demographics.  Communities are working hard to spread the word about the importance of this constitutionally historic moment for the people of New York in an effort to secure the public vote necessary for passage.

News On Our Growing Movement!

DE & AZ:
The number of states seeking to advance constitutional Green Amendments continues to grow. Most recently Delaware, under the leadership of Rep. Madinah Wilson-Anton (26th District) of the Delaware House of Representatives, and Arizona under the leadership of Senator Juan Mendez (26th District) of the Arizona State Senate, will be joining the movement with Green Amendment proposals coming soon.


Rep. Medinah Wilson-Anton, DE
Senator Juan Mendez, AZ

State-Specific Websites Emerging:

For every state advancing a Green Amendment Proposal we are developing state specific websites all using the pattern of the state’s letters followed by GreenAmendment.org – e.g. www.DEGreenAmendment.org — and for those where interest is building we have a state page at our www.ForTheGenerations.org website.  Please be sure to find your state and engage!

New Mexico Movement:

Our New Mexico Green Amendment movement is growing. We started with our four main cosponsors Senator Antoinette Sedillo Lopez, Representative Joanne Ferrary, Senator Harold Pope Jr. , and Senator Bill Soules. Now they have been joined by ​​Senator Elizabeth “Liz” Stefanics, Senator Gerald Ortiz y Pino, Senator Carrie Hamblen,  Representative Tara Lujan, Senator Shannon Pinto, Representative Andrea Romero, Representative Karen Bash, Representative Debbie Sarinana, Representative Roger Montoya, Senator Linda Lopez, Representative Patricia Roybal Caballero, Senator Bill Tallman, Senator Jeff Steinborn, Representative Kay Bounkeua, Representative Christine Trujillo,  Representative Elizabeth “Liz” Thomson, Representative Gail Chasey, and Representative Miguel Garcia.

This brings our New Mexico Green Amendment movement to a total of 22 legislative Cosponsors. All have signed on to our Intent To Cosponsor Letter.

Community and local support of the New Mexico Green Amendment is also growing as the 30 day session approaches. Read here in the Daily Lobo about the growing excitement around the New Mexico Green Amendment proposal and the power it holds for protecting New Mexico’s unique environment.

2022 Expected to Be an Active Green Amendment year:

Each of our 14 states are advancing at a varying pace with community and legislative leaders leading the way.  In addition to New Mexico,  Maine, Hawaii and New Jersey are 3 states where we are expecting strong progress in 2022 with amendments likely to experience legislative hearings and committee votes necessary to advance their Green Amendment  proposals.  These hearings should garner strong community engagement but are likely also to spark opposition from industry and others and as a result Green Amendments For The Generations will continue to offer and build out the resources pages of the state websites as well as our main site.  If you find yourself facing a challenge or question you can’t answer, feel free to reach out to Maya@ForTheGenerations.org so we can help you.

Our movement is growing but we need your support.  There are many ways to engage:

Upcoming Happenings!


People vs. Fossil Fuels

From October 11 to October 15, people will be gathering in Washington, D.C. from all over the nation to urge strong federal action to avert climate crisis.  Each day will focus on a different message, but every day will work to raise up the messages of Indigenous and front line communities and their calls for protection and reform.

Indigenous and front line communities have asked and urged allies to join the event from all over the nation to stand in solidarity.  Given the focus of Green Amendments on environmental justice, climate justice and generational justice, we are planning to honor this request.

Green Amendments For The Generations leader Maya van Rossum will be participating on October 13 and 14th to join in the call for strong federal action by the Biden Administration to protect People over fossil fuels.  She will have on message signs to share for all who are interested.

Dates and Messages:

Monday, October 11th: Indigenous Peoples Day.
Tuesday, October 12: Fossil fuels are driving the climate crisis.
Wednesday, October 13: Climate chaos is happening now.
Thursday, October 14: We need real solutions, not false promises.
Friday, October 15: We did not vote for fossil fuels. Youth-led action.

Visit these links to learn more:


Film Festival(s):

International Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Fest (KLEFF) 2021 which is October 24th-30. Link here.

Albuquerque New Mexico Film Festival on Oct. 30 from 11 am – 6 pm!!

The Film Festival will be showcasing our Green Amendment work in New Mexico. Senator Antoinette Sedillo Lopez and Maya van Rossum will be speaking on the growing support of the New Mexico Green Amendment between grassroots organizations, community members, and our growing legislative champions.

You may watch this event via zoom by going to nmgreenamendment.org



The Yonkers Film in the segment titled “Our Planet”. November 15th, at 5:30 pm EDT . Tickets are available for purchase here.


Green Amendments For the Generations is launching a new weekly podcast.  Maya van Rossum, founder of the Green Amendments For The Generations movement and organization will be joined by her daughter, Anneke, who has been inspired by her mother to dedicate her life to environmental protection and environmental justice, to share information, insights, and opinions about the state of our environment, the actions (good and bad) of government decisionmakers, and how you can get involved in ways large and small to make a difference.

Join us every week to hear Maya and Anneke, talk about social and environmental topics through the generational lens and how some things have changed, but also how many have not, when it comes to environmental protection, environmental justice, generational respect, climate protection, and respect for the voices of women in every place of power.

Listen to the first episode on Spotify and Google Podcasts!

Then be sure to follow and share in order to grow the community of environmental, justice and generational concern they hope to support.